About KAHA

KAHA was formally established in November 2012 to promote and protect the interests of Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade (MFAT) partners and families, both in New Zealand and overseas.

Partners and families believe that the support they provide plays a significant role in enabling MFAT staff to better represent New Zealand and contribute to New Zealand’s success on the international stage.

As such, partners, both at home and overseas, have a vital interest in the terms and conditions under which their MFAT staff member is employed, and in any changes in the way the Ministry operates that impact on job opportunities and conditions of employment.

Life overseas can be rewarding, but some offshore environments can also be challenging. MFAT staff, their partners and families are well aware of the costs of overseas service, including the long-term implications of broken careers, lost superannuation and income opportunities, and culture shock. Also, many positions in Wellington require staff to travel frequently, with significant impact on partners and families.

KAHA provides a support network and forum for partners and families to share information and experiences. It also advocates on behalf of partners and families to ensure that their interests are fully represented to MFAT and, possibly, more widely.